Oils of the Rainforest

Young Living's Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest oils embody their full concept of Seed to Seal®. There, at Young Living's nearly 2,000 acres Finca Botanica Aromatica farm, new essential oils are grown, harvested and distilled.

Ecuador Farm

New Essential Oil Discoveries

Dense jungles surround the farm, creating a natural lab for essential oil research and development. Founder Gary Young ventures into the jungle on a regular basis to obtain plant samples, which are then analyzed for their properties. Once a new Young Living® essential oil is discovered, the plant is either cultivated and distilled on the farm, or sustainably harvested from existing supplies.

Young Living's plants are organically produced in the highest quality soil without a trace of chemicals. The land didn't necessarily start out with the best soil. It was through Young Living's sustainable farming methods and organic practices that it became that way.

copaiba tree Copaiba tree

The farm's thriving worm house is a very important part of producing Therapeutic Grade essential oils. The worms produce organic liquid fertilizer to enrich the soil and fertilize the plants.

Ecuador's tropical climate and fertile land allows year-round growing season. Typically, one square kilometre of rainforest in Ecuador supports over 1100 tree species.

The Finca Botanica Aromatica farm sits on the outskirts of the rainforest, not directly in it. Some of the more popular crops the farm grows are lang ylang, peppermint, oregano, lemongrass, palo santo, dorado azul, copaiba, helichrysm and more.

Rainforest Oils

Rainforest Oils

Copaiba Essential Oil

With a gentle, woodsy aroma, Copaiba essential oil is a product of steam distilling the gum resin tapped from the Brazilian Copaifera reticulata tree. With high levels of beta-caryophyllene and a uniquely sweet aromatic profile, Copaiba oil helps create a relaxing atmosphere when diffused or applied topically.

Dorado Azul™ Essential Oil

A unique essential oil from Ecuador, Dorado Azul™ is exclusive to Young Living. Its fresh scent is perfect for aromatic or topical use.

Eucalyptus Blue Essential Oil

Grown and distilled on Young Living's farm in Ecuador, this essential oil is high in eucalyptol, which has a calming and invigorating scent when diffused.

Ocotea Essential Oil

A powerful, yet gentle essential oil extracted from the stems and leaves of the ocotea tree in Ecuador. Although related to the cinnamon species, ocotea has an aroma different from any common cinnamon, with only hints of a cinnamon base.

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Palo Santo Essential Oil

An inspiring fragrance closely related to frankincense. In fact, it comes from the same botanical family (Burseraceae) as frankincense. It has an inspiring fragrance and can be diffused for a cleansing and refreshing atmosphere. It can also be used for massage after activity.

Is Young Living Destroying the Rainforest?

This question comes up from time to time. Fair enough. People want to know if Young Living is following sustainable practices. Or is Young Living destroying valuable rainforest land and displacing species? Watch this video to see how Young Living is actually restoring land considered "worthless" by locals - land that is dry and full of brush (near the rainforest, but not the rainforest), and is transforming it into valuable, productive farms.

The Beginnings of the Finca Botanica Aromatica Farm

Gary Young takes you on a tour of Finca Botanica, Young Living's Farm in Ecuador where Young Living is growing its world-leading therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Gary Young in the Jungles of Ecuador

Gary and his team trek through the jungle to find new plants and essential oils for use in Young Living essential oil products.

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