Are Young Living Essential Oils Better?

Young Living Essential Oils has established itself over the years as the premier manufacturer of the highest quality essential oils. In fact, Young Living essential oils set the standard for therapeutic grade.

In fact, Young Living has the most stringent essential oil quality control testing on the planet. Watch this video to learn more about Young Living:

What makes an essential oil high quality? It's a combination of many factors from plant cultivation to processing to continuous research and improvement. Young Living Essential Oils has the greatest respect for every step of the process.

Unlike other essential oil manufacturers that add solvents, thinners and artificial fragrances to their oils, Young Living essential oils are completely pure. All the herbs, flowers and plants used in Young Living essential oils are harvested from hand-picked varieties grown naturally in the perfect soil and climate. The plants are harvested at their peak, and immediately placed in state-of-the-art distillers where they are gently distilled at low heat for just the right amount of time.

Gary Young of YL Gary Young, the Founder of Young Living has traveled the world studying nutrition, culture, longevity, herbology and naturopathy. Through his travels, he has learned the art of distillation from the best masters, historical documents and research in the world. Out of that knowledge, he has developed his own sophisticated process of distillation that maintains maximum purity and quality of the essential oils and essential oil based products.

Unlike essential oils that simply smell good, Young Living is committed to providing therapeutic-grade essential oils that are 100% pure and contain the highest constituents.

Young Living's standards ensure that their essential oils and oil-enhanced nutritional supplements represent the most effective wellness products available.

fields of lavender Gary Young has also dedicated his life to maintaining an abundant supply of plants and farmland that can sustain the long-term production of essential oils. He developed his first farm in St. Maries, Idaho, and from there expanded his farming to Mona, Utah; Simiane-La-Rotonde, France; and now to the most recent farm in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Gary Young has found the abundance of aromatic plants in Ecuador unparalleled! He is thrilled to learn the secrets of the jungle that have been know for hundreds of years by Ecuador's indigenous people.

With farmland that now exceeds 4,500 acres and the discovery of twenty-eight unidentified aromatic plants with essential oil composition that is beyond exquisite, Young Living looks forward to developing a whole new line of signature oils.

This short, 2 minute video shows the process of making therapeutic-grade lavender essential oil — from planting the seed to sealing the bottle: Young Living Essential Oils — from Seed to Seal

Find out more about our Seed to Seal® process here...