probwithGMOsCan GMOs cause problems?

Well, for starters, they cause serious health problems such as tumors… organ damage… cancer

  • Unexpected allergies
  • Inflammation of the digestive tract

Watch video below for more information…

Click here to watch the “Genetic Roulette” movie. Free until November 6, 2012

More problems with GMOs…

  • Unstable and unpredictable protein formation
  • Irreversible changes to human DNA
  • Increased pesticide use
  • Biodiversity loss
  • Creation of new superbugs and superweeds that nothing can kill
  • Harm to wildlife
  • Contamination of the world’s food supply
  • Monsanto ultimately claiming ownership of all seeds in the world

Is this good for you, future generations, or the planet?

Watch the “Genetic Roulette” movie. Free until November 6, 2012


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