Slique GumSlique™ Gum is no ordinary gum. This gum helps you lose weight! It is infused with extraordinary aromatherapy ingredients to help you end your food cravings, control your hunger… and improve your teeth and gums.

Slique™ Gum is inspired from ancient times. One of the main ingredients of Slique Gum is frankincense resin. Ancient travelers throughout the Middle East chewed on raw frankincense resin for its nutritional content and ability to help control hunger.

Slique™ Gum offers those same benefits in a modern delivery system that helps control food cravings and improve oral health.


Slique Gum

  • Frankincense Resin (Boswellia frereana)
  • Gumbase
  • Isomalt
  • Sorbitol
  • Natural Flavors
  • Calcium Stearate
  • Natural Sweeteners
  • Colors (Red Cabbage Juice, Turmeric)
  • Slimming Fresh Mint Essential Oil Blend: [Peppermint (Mentha Piperita) Oil, Spearmint (Mentha Spicata) Leaf Oil]
  • Xylitol
“I love chewing Slique™ Gum with frankincense when I’m out and about and get those sugar cravings.” —Kim H.

Slique™ Gum comes in 3 pack, 8 count, and 12 pack, for your convenience: Slique Gum

  • Slique Gum – 3 pk (Item No. 4627)
  • Slique Gum – 8 ct (Item No. 4579)
  • Slique Gum – 12 pk (Item No. 4628)

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Item No. 4627 – Slique Gum


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