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man sleeping on the jobIn today’s fast-paced, high-pressure world, most people find it challenging to get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation has been linked to depression, weight gain, heart disease, and irritability. It’s estimated that 65 percent of American adults get less than the recommended eight hours of sleep each night. Are you one of them?

Getting enough sleep is even more challenging if you don’t want to take sleep medications that cause you to be groggy in the morning.

Is there a natural sleep product available that will help you sleep soundly and healthfully?

Now there is!

bottle of SleepEssenceIntroducing SleepEssence with four powerful Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ (YLTG) essential oils that have unique sleep-enhancing properties. SleepEssence is a natural supplement that promotes the onset of sleep and helps avoid the consequences of sleep deprivation.

Combining lavender, vetiver, valerian, and Ruta graveolens essential oils with the hormone melatonin—a well-known sleep aid, SleepEssence is a natural way to enable a full night’s rest. The softgel vegetarian capsule allows easy ingestion.

The Powerful Ingredients in SleepEssence:

  • Vetiver essential oil is psychologically grounding, calming, and stabilizing. It may help when coping with stress and to recover from emotional trauma and shock.
  • Valerian is one of the most studied herbal sedatives and has been shown to improve quality of sleep. According to the College of Pharmacy in King’s College in London,
  • “…valerenic acid has been shown to inhibit enzyme-induced breakdowns of GABA in the brain resulting in sedation.”1
  • Melatonin is a natural constituent and its primary function is to induce sleep. SleepEssence contains 1.5 mg of melatonin.
  • Lavender is a versatile essential oil that has been used traditionally by many cultures for its soothing properties. Its refreshing, relaxing scent has balancing properties that also calms the mind and body.

big bottle of SleepEssence Primary Benefits

  • SleepEssence is a natural way to promote a full night’s sleep.
  • SleepEssence is ideal for countering stressed nerves.
  • SleepEssence is designed for enhancing relaxation.

Facts About SleepEssence Ingredients:

  • Young Living grows all the lavender it uses on its farms in Utah, Idaho, France, and Ecuador.
  • Melatonin is a hormone produced in the pineal gland, a small gland in the brain that helps regulate sleep and wake cycles.
  • Very small amounts of melatonin are found in foods such as meats, grains, fruits, and vegetables.
  • In India, vetiver was an ingredient of ancient perfumes and was referred to as the “oil of tranquility.”

1Houghton, PJ. “The Scientific Basis for the Reputed Activity of Valerian.” J Pharm Pharmacol. 1999 May;51(5):505–12.

How To Use Take 1–2 softgels thirty to sixty minutes before bedtime.

What Makes SleepEssence Unique? SleepEssence is a soothing blend of pure YLTG essential oils and melatonin.

Cautions Do not operate heavy machinery for 8–10 hours after using. Not recommended for long-term use or with products containing echinacea. Adult use only. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use.

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