rollerfitment-frankincenseWhat’s the easiest, most mess-free way to apply essential oil? With a roller fitment!

A Roller Fitment is a special mechanism that fits onto the top of Young Living “Sb” oil bottles that delivers increased oil flow through a ball-like roller.

Roller fitments transform your favorite Young Living essential oil into easy-to-use roll-on applicators you can take with you anywhere for no-fuss application. Roller Fitments are compatible with Young Living 5-ml or 15-ml bottle.

It’s wonderful to be able to easily transform any of your favorite Young Living essential oils into an easy-to-use roll-on bottle with these roller fitments. All you need to do is to remove the original plastic housing that comes in the bottle and snap in the Roller Fitment – Voilà, instant roll-on applicator!

Notice: The Roller Fitments are designed to only fit bottles with “Sb” located at the bottom of the bottle. Please check before inserting.

roller-fitments2Caution: Oils containing citrus (singles or blends) may weaken the plastic and loosen the Roller Fitment. When using oils with citrus, ensure roller ball is securely attached to fitment before each use.


  1. Remove the original plastic drip plug that comes with the bottle.
  2. Insert a Roller Fitment into the bottle opening.
  3. Place cap over the fitment and press down while tightening until the fitment snaps into place, flush with the bottle opening.

Tips on How to Use:

  • Follow the cautions and recommendations for each individual oil.
  • Use caution with citrus oils, which may cause the roller ball to loosen over time.
  • Store oil bottles in an upright position.
  • Discard the Roller Fitment with the empty bottle.

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Roller Fitments — 2 Comments

  1. Good evening, I have a question about these roller fitments. We here in The Netherlands and the rest of Europe work with bottle openings in DIN – size, like 18 or 22. We do not have the “Sb” mark at the bottom of the bottles. Would it be possible to just pop one of these roller fitments in an envelope for trying out?
    Love to hear from you,
    thanks in advance

  2. Inge,

    The fitments are designed to only work in the 5 and 15 ml bottles that Young Living uses in their manufacturing. These are the bottles they ship to all their markets. They should have an “Sb” mark on the bottom.

    It’s possible that some markets still have old inventory manufactured with an old bottle, but for the past several months all new manufacturing has been with the “Sb” bottle.

    If you are using bottles from another source or company and they do not have an “Sb” on the bottom of the bottle the fitments will likely not fit your bottles correctly. To be safe, wait until you get a bottle marked “Sb” on the bottom.

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