raindrop-technique1No Raindrop practitioner near you?

Why not learn to do it yourself? It’s easy to learn how to do the Raindrop Technique with the new video/DVD:

“Raindrop Technique as demonstrated by Dr. David M. Stewart (Ph.D.)” Produced by Robert T. Krone, Jr., Certified Lymphologist

This comprehensive 90-minute instructional videotape or DVD demonstrates all aspects of Raindrop Technique. Dr. David Stewart takes you through a real Raindrop session on a real person (nothing is staged) — explaining every step in his unassuming, easy-to-understand, comfortable way. You feel like you’re right there in the room with him and he’s an old friend giving you insider secrets.

This video was a “spur-of-the-moment” creation using an 8-mm SONY video camera at a live demonstration. Please note, there was no pre-planning, rehearsal, special lighting, or even editing — it was meant for reference only. But it has become a BEST-SELLER by popular demand…


Because the information in it is incredibly thorough, exact and well demonstrated. You’ll learn volumes from this homespun, relaxed, but amazingly informative video or DVD.

And, ten pages of written instructions are included with the video. So, if you’re not looking for a slick, professional production, but want to really LEARN — this tape won’t let you down!

“Don’t just think about ordering this video. GET IT TODAY! Dr. Stewart’s video is the most easy to watch I’ve ever seen. As a matter of fact, it is fun. I did it right along side of him as I watched him do it!” April T. San Antonio, Texas

“Thank you, Dr. Stewart, for your great Video. I find it excellent, as one can work right along with you. There is no catching up. Just the right speed one has as one does the RDT. It is a good training tool. It’s a MUST for anyone wanting to do RDT on family and others.” Margarete G. Tucson, Arizona

“The video is SO informative. It would have taken us 6 or 8 months to learn what is on that tape. It takes the pressure off of us when we train others. A phenomenal job!” Larkin Busby, Carol Wooley, Janet Thomason St. James, Missouri

DVD: Raindrop Technique as Demonstrated by Dr. David M. Stewart (Ph.D.) We would normally sell this DVD for $34.95, but due to an inside arrangement with the producer, we can provide this power-packed DVD at the special price of just $20.00 — nearly 40 percent off! But you must be sure to ask for “The Essential Oil World Special Offer” when you order this video or DVD!

Special Offer — Only: $20.00 each! Shipping/Handling: $7.00

Order 2 videos, still pay only $7.00 for shipping!

Now Available in DVD — Only: $25.00 each! Shipping/Handling: $2.00 Total: $27.00 Makes a GREAT Gift!

Send check or money order to:

KRONE MARKETING GROUP 1917 Robin Hood Circle, Dept. RE Cape Girardeau, MO 63701-2509.

Or contact:

Robert T. Krone, Jr., CLU, ChFC, CL (800) 701-4067 (Toll-Free) (573) 651-3300 (Office)

Note: Be sure to ask for “The Real Essentials Special Offer” when you order, especially when ordering by phone!

“Received your Raindrop video and it really makes clear exactly how to do the technique. I am so glad I got it!” Deb J. Staunton, Illinois

“The video is fabulous. Dr. Stewart has a great way of explaining things. It is definitely a good educational tool and a good investment.” Mary M., R.N. St. Louis, Missouri

“Your commentary and demonstration of the technique were excellent! We applaud you for taking the time and the initiative to produce a video with more detailed instructions than the one which comes in the kit.” Jeanie H. California

I am thrilled with your Raindrop training tape. I am also studying Dr. Young’s video but find that actually learning to do the treatment is much easier with your video.” Linda W. Nocona, Texas

Call in your order for the Raindrop DVD today, while supplies are available!


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