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You’ve found one in NingXia Red!

NingXia Red is a powerful antioxidant drink that taps the power of whole food synergy. Not only is it naturally delicious, but it’s a nutrient-infused wolfberry drink that supports immune function, liver function, and eye health, and is reported to increase energy.* You’ll love the way it energizes, fortifies, and replenishes your body.

Highest Levels Of ORAC Antioxidants

When Chinese biochemists at the Ningxia Institute of Nutrition analyzed the wolfberry growing in Ningxia district of northern China, they found it to be one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. For centuries, residents of the area have enjoyed the astonishing health and longevity supporting benefits of the wolfberry that grows there.

Rich in wide-spectrum antioxidant activity, NingXia Red has the highest levels of naturally occurring, age-defying S-ORAC activity of any antioxidant drink to help support immune function, cardiovascular health, and nourish the eyes. NingXia Red also contains orange, yuzu, lemon, and tangerine essential oils rich in the powerful antioxidant d-limonene to promote healthy liver function.

Antioxidants vs. Free Radicals

Our bodies are bombarded daily by the damaging effects of free radicals that are created through normal metabolic functions. In fact, Dr. Bruce Ames of the University of California at Berkley estimates that the DNA of each of our cells is attacked by free radicals over 10,000 times per day. When taking into accoung pollution and toxic elements in our environment, it increases the load out bodies must process.

Free radicals can wreak havoc with our DNA, enzymes, and cells if there are too many or out body has insufficient antioxidants to counter them. Many chronic conditions are believed to result from accumulated damage caused by free radicals.

Fortunately, antioxidants have proven an effective weapon against them. Antioxidants help to neutralize the effects of free radicals, allowing the body to restore itself to the proper balance that leads to health and well-being.

To help you combat the damaging effects of free radicals, simply take a single serving (one ounce) of NingXia Red, which supplies 267 percent of the Daily Value of antioxidant vitamin C along with a host of other nutrients. What a delicious way to protect your health!

raw ningxia wolfberries The primary ingredient in NingXia Red is the Ningxia wolfberry. Of all the wolfberries, only the Ningxia wolfberry has been cherished for centuries for its health, energy, and longevity benefits. In fact, the legendary Ningxia wolfberry is an honored Chinese national treasure. It’s healing benefits have been extolled for generations. Ancient healers say it “replenishes the vital essence” and “fortifies the life force.” Modern science shows that Ningxia wolfberries exceed legend by supporting many necessary biochemical processes in the body.

Only the finest whole Ningxia wolfberries and other nutrient-dense fruit juices, like blueberry and pomegranate, make NingXia Red the perfect choice for optimizing wellness and stepping up to a whole new level of health.

See Human Blood Sample Proof That NingXia Red Works In 15 Minutes

Tap The Power Of Whole Food Synergy

Scientists have confirmed the benefits of whole food synergy. Researchers at Cornell University concluded that a synergistic and additive effect is why whole fruits and vegetables have potent antioxidant activity.

Because NingXia Red uses whole-fruit wolfberry puree, more health benefits are retained. From the patented puree process in Ningxia, China, to the careful blending and bottling in glass, the nutritional value of our juice is preserved in each and every bottle of NingXia Red.

The power found in NingXia Red is a result of blending nutrient-dense wolfberry puree with the juices of fruits known for complex phytonutrients.

No Sugar or Corn Sweeteners

NingXia Red offers the best in wholesome and nutritious juices, using natural stevia instead of sugary juices for sweetening. There are no sugar, corn sweeteners, corn syrup solids or artificial sweeteners in NingXia Red. You can be assured this powerful drink can support and protect your body without harmful sugars.

The NingXia Red Promise

NingXia Red combines the finest Ningxia wolfberries, proprietary “Nutrient-Guard” preparation, and other all-natural, nutrient-dense ingredients to provide:

  • Dynamic energy and stamina without harmful stimulants (e.g., caffeine, green tea, etc.)
  • Key glyconutrients that fuel vital energy systems
  • Unique protein-polysaccharides that help sustain proper immune function
  • Highest levels of naturally occurring, age defying S-ORAC activity
  • Great taste with no sugary “junk-juices” (e.g., apple, white grape, pear, etc.)
  • Essential nutrients in NingXia Red also help support the following: Normal cardiovascular function, normal eye health, normal cell growth, and healthy liver function.

In addition, NingXia Red:

  • Offers the highest known protection against the dangerous superoxide free radical as documented in the S-ORAC test conducted by Brunswick Laboratories
  • Utilizes powerful wolfberry polysaccharides shown to enhance normal immune health,* and support proper cellular communication without spiking blood sugar levels – wolfberries are low glycemic, having a glycemic index of only 10.6 (table sugar is rated at 83)
  • NingxiaRed fruit
  • Contains wolfberry compounds that support healthy liver function*
  • Is rich in phytonutrients that offer optimal support for eye health*
  • Includes 18 amino acids, 21 trace minerals, more beta carotene than carrots, more vitamin C than oranges, vitamin E, and vitamins B1, B2, and B6
  • Delivers antioxidant synergy from the juices of wolfberries, blueberries, aronia, plum, cherry, and pomegranates, and the antioxidant d-limonene found in orange, yuzu, lemon, and tangerine essential oils (d-limonene also promotes normal cell life cycles*)
  • Aronia (Aronia melanocarpa) is similar to the North American black berry and is traditionally known to support a healthy inflammatory response.
  • Contains blueberries, which provide anthocyanidin antioxidant power that also is cardioprotective*
  • Plum (Prunus domestica) juice, known for its excellent flavor, is included for its antioxidant strength and powerful phytonutrients.
  • Cherry (Prunus avium) juice was added for its preferred sweet flavor and potential support for already healthy joints and muscles.
  • Contains pomegranates, which have more polyphenol antioxidants than other juices and supply ellagic acid
  • Contains premium grape seed extract (GSE) derived from whole grape seeds selectively extracted to include a higher percentage of lower molecular weight polyphenos, which improves absorption and bioavailability. The patented, water-based extraction process also ensures that the final ingredient remains chemical free.
  • Contains natural non-caloric stevia sweetener
  • Is Kosher and Halal certified

NingXia Red S-ORAC comparison chartNingXia Red S-ORAC Comparison Chart (click to see a larger image)

The S-ORAC test measures an antioxidant drink’s ability to neutralize the dangerous superoxide free radical. Elevated superoxide levels have been linked to heart disease, cancer, asthma, and many other serious conditions.

NingXia Red Key Ingredients

  • Whole Ningxia wolfberry puree – a superblend of wolfberries, blueberries, aronia, plum, cherry, and pomegranates
  • Stevia
  • Grape seed extract (GSE)
  • The essential oils of orange, yuzu, lemon, and tangerine
  • 14 grams of Ningxia wolfberries in each serving!

How to use: Take 4 fl. oz. daily, or as needed. Shake well before using and refrigerate after opening.

By combining the wolfberry with pure essential oils, the world’s foremost functional beverage, NingXia Red® was created. Young Living is proud to offer you the only nutrient drink on the market that combines whole Chinese wolfberries and pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils into a single beverage that tastes as good as it is good for you: NingXia Red.

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* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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