animal care If you’re passionate about your pets, all-natural, non-toxic products are the only option. Our line of pet and animal essential-oil products provide excellent care for your pets. Give your four-legged friends shampoo, essential oils, and other products designed especially for them.

Whether your “best friend” is in need of a pet bath, a mood boost, or suffering from minor skin irritation, Young Living has a healthy, natural, pet-friendly solution.

There are many excellent natural products that can maintain and support your pet’s health, with only beneficial “side effects.” Veterinarians and pet owners are just starting to discover the amazing benefits of essential oils for pets.

Essential oils can cleanse minor wounds, abrasions and lacerations naturally, they can help control fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes without toxic effects, they can provide respiratory and urinary tract support, soothe joint pain, and calm stress, fear, anxiety… all without toxic chemicals or harsh ingredients.


Young Living’s Most Popular Natural Pet Products

AnimalScents™ Shampoo with Pure Essential Oils: Cleans, conditions, and protects your pet’s coat without harmful ingredients.

AnimalScents™ Essential Oil Pet Ointment: A protective and soothing salve formulated for external use on animals.

and MORE…

Infect Away

Infect Away Essential Oil

Infect Away™ Essential Oil contains six essential oils specifically formulated for dogs, cats and horses to support a healthy skin barrier. Now, pet owners, veterinarians, and animal massage therapists can confidently use a pre-diluted essential oil that is gentle, safe … Continue reading →


Mendwell Essential Oil

Mendwell™ essential oil is specifically formulated to support healthy skin repair for animals as well as general support of the immune system. This blend contains Geranium, Lavender, Hyssop, Myrrh, Frankincense, and Hinkoki essential oils. Apply 1-2 drops on location, as … Continue reading →


ParaGize Essential Oil

AnimalScents™ ParaGize™ was created with your furry creature in mind. It is a proprietary combination that helps promote healthy digestion in pets and animals. ParaGize™ contains Ginger, Peppermint, Spearmint, Anise, Cumin, Fennel, Ginger, Juniper, Lemongrass, Patchouli, Rosemary, and Tarragon essential … Continue reading →


Puriclean Essential Oil

AnimalScents™ PuriClean™ cleanses and freshens the skin with a unique blend of Cistus, Citronella, Lavandin, Lavender, Lemongrass, Melaleuca Alternifolia, Mountain Savory, Myrtle, Palo Santo, Patchouli, and Rosemary essential oils. It is a unique and powerful blend of essential oils that … Continue reading →


RepelAroma Essential Oil

Your pet will enjoy being outside with this purifying and invigorating AnimalScents™ RepelAroma blend – a unique combination of Citronella, Idaho Tansy, Palo Santo, and Melaleuca Alternifolia essential oils. When you use RepelAroma™ on your pet, you’ll have one less … Continue reading →


T-Away Essential Oil

AnimalScents™ T-Away™ was formulated with a soothing scent for your animal to support a new level of emotional freedom and joyful feelings. This calming oils does wonders to calm down occasional nervousness. A good place to apply the oil is … Continue reading →

Vet’s Recommended Essential Oils Pet Care Kit

Before the AnimalScents™ line of pet and animal products came out, veterinarians and pet owners used a variety of essential oils on animals. Veterinarian Dr. Mary Hess of Madison, Wisconsin, had several tried and true favorites. We are including them below, in case you dont have the specific AnimalScents™ oil yet.

Based on her experience as a veterinarian, Dr. Hess recommends that every pet owner carry an essential oil care kit for pets and suggests these Young Living essential oil blends to keep pets feeling their best.

curled_up_sleeping_dog-thumbPeace & Calming® essential oil blend: Ideal for stress, fear, anxiety, and similar conditions, Peace & Calming blend can help calm your pet. If the pet is injured, Peace & Calming blend can relax the animal enough to administer other treatments. It can also be used on cats that are resistant to other forms of treatment for urinary problems or that excessively groom themselves.

Purification® essential oil blend: Useful for external pests and parasites, such as fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.

Thieves® essential oil blend: Perfect for minor wounds, abrasions, and lacerations, Thieves blend can also be used for dental concerns. It is safe for kittens and puppies when diluted.

Melrose™ essential oil blend: Used in conjunction with R.C. and Raven blends, Melrose blend provides respiratory support and can also be used on minor wounds, abrasions, and lacerations if Thieves blend can’t be tolerated.

R.C.™ essential oil blend: Ideal for respiratory and urinary tract support, R.C blend is practical for cats that require bladder fortification, when conventional therapies fail. (It can be paired with Raven blend for added support.)

Raven™ essential oil blend: Used for respiratory and urinary tract support, Raven blend is more powerful than R.C. blend and features essentials oils not found in the latter. Combined, the two oils are highly effective.

Di-Gize™ essential oil blend: Gastrointestinal systems respond well to this blend. Nutmeg and ginger can be added for additional support.

1097765_true_friends_2 PanAway® essential oil blend: Valuable for relieving discomfort and relaxing the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. This oil blend can be used alone or in addition to other essential oils that aid in general discomfort. Using a moist towel over the area increases the effectiveness of the oils.

Relieve It™ essential oil blend: Especially beneficial for relieving discomfort, Relieve It blend can be alternated with PanAway blend.

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Here are more essential oils and essential oil enhanced products that other pet owners have found useful

Ortho Sport Massage Oil for dogs: cutelabMy 6 1/2 year old yellow lab gets esctatic when her ‘daddy’ gets a back rub with YL’s Ortho Sport massage oil for his 2 herniated discs. She wants a rub on her aches and pains too! Specifically, I apply the oils to her hips and hind legs and it seems to relieve her minor arthritis discomfort. I use one pump of Ortho Sport and one drop Helichrysum varied with 4-6 drops Pan Away and 1-2 drops Wintergreen. She is clearly delighted and I use one pump of Ortho Sport and one drop Helichrysum varied with 4-6 drops Pan Away and 1-2 drops Wintergreen. She is clearly delighted and looking for more! – Kelly Kozikowski
NingXia Red Juice for dogs and horses 1003606_boy_and_horse_11) I mixed 1 oz of Ninxgia Red Juice a day in my elder horse’s food when he was 35, 36, &37 before he died of old age. Before Ningxia Red Juice, he was showing signs of muscles wasting in his hind end muscles and was overall weakening. After several weeks on just 1 oz of Nixgia Red Juice a day, his muscling and strength improved greatly. People never thought he was in his mid-30’s! 2) For my elder dog, I used 1 teaspoon of NingXia Red Juice mixed in her food twice a day when she was 16 & 17 years old. She was showing muscle deterioration and hind end weakness. She was wobbly and weak when she walked. After using the NRJ for about 2 weeks, she strengthened and was not so wobbly anymore. I used the juice for her last 2 years of her life in this manner. 3) For an aging dog with arthritis who was very gimpy, I use a combination of 4 caps of Sulferzyme, 2 caps of BLM, and 1 ounce of NingXia Red Juice twice a day mixed into her food to help her pain, discomfort, weakness and overall condition to improve. I see a big difference in her if she does not get this combination of supplements, she is weaker and very gimpy without any of these. I have tried to take her off them at times just to see the difference. – Sandy Rakowitz
Animal Scents™ Ointment helps humans, too: “While I am sure it works well on animals, Animal Scents™ Ointment is also a perfect ointment for humans. Unfortunately I fell off a sidewalk a few weeks ago and had a large abrasion on my knee. I applied the Animal Scents Ointment to my knee and continued to do so until it healed and there is very little scarring. This is good stuff!” — Juli Patten
To freshen carpet from pet odors: “I used an old plastic sippy cup with a small hole in the lid to make a carpet freshener. I mix baking soda and a few drops of an essential oil, usually lavender because it’s my favorite, then I sprinkle it around the carpet and let it sit for a minute or two and then vacuum it right up. My carpet is fresh, the room smells great, and the best part about it is that I’m not exposing my two young kids to any harsh chemicals.” — Kelly Hal
Here’s a great way to keep your cat’s litter box clean with Thieves® Spray from Dr. Vera Franco Dahm:
“For years, I have used Thieves® Spray to clean and prep my pet’s litter box. I dilute it and spray the box before laying down more litter. No odor at all and it cuts down on germs and mold growth, keeping it clean and fresh for my pet and for me.”

843085_kittens_in_a_pot_3Caution: These oils are great for dogs, horses, goats, and larger animals. Cats, however, have a different physiology and many essential oils can be overpowering for cats. Oils high in phenols are not appropriate for cats. See these two articles for more information about essential oils and cats:

Essential Oil Safety With Cats

Is It Safe To Use Essential Oils With Cats?

To keep cats and dogs free of ticks:

To keep our cats flea-free, we apply a few drops of Lemongrass on the outside of their collar – same with dogs. I’ve had good feedback over the past few months also with using Lemongrass on the collar of dogs to keep them tick-free, where ticks have been a horrendous problem. The dog owners think this is a real miracle! No more ticks. – Ingrid

Now, you can get RepelAroma for worry-free outings with your dog.

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