Idaho Tansy

Ever wanted to how to keep flies off horses naturally?

Idaho tansy essential oil is a great natural pest repellant.  Idaho tansy floral water* is usually used to keep flies off horses naturally.  But if you can’t find any floral water, you can mix up a solution with water and the essential oil.

It’s easy to make a bottle of Idaho tansy natural insect repellant.  Simply mix 10-15 drops of Idaho tansy essential oil with about a cup of water.  Shake well and spray over your horse to keep flies and other insects away.

*Floral water is the water used in the distillation of essential oils.  After the oil is skimmed off, the floral water remains.  It is subtly scented and infused with the essential oil’s qualities.

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Need a Natural Horse Fly Repellent? — 1 Comment

  1. I tend to cover my horses in a white flourey substance which apparently keeps flies, insects away. But it terribly messy, and very hard to cover the horse with it of course.

    I may think about changing to this oil, sounds effective to say the least.

    Thanks alot.

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