helichrysum flowers Helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum) comes from the Asteraceae or Compositae (daisy) botanical family.

Helichrysum oil comes from a flowering plant that’s traditionally wild crafted in the mountains along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. Once ready, the flower is carefully harvested and steam distilled to create the valuable oil. Helichrysum oil uses include diffusing its sweet, stimulating scent during homework and study time, as well as applying the oil topically to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Unfortunately, years of overexploitation has led to a decimation of the wild helichrysum harvest, which is why Young Living takes our production of Helichrysum essential oil seriously. Because helichrysum grows best in dry, rocky ground, Young Living imports rock to the Croatia farm to cultivate the delicate plant in an environment that’s best suited for its needs.

Helichrysum essential oil Helichrysum Essential Oil Uses

  • Add to your daily skin care regimen to enhance the appearance of skin.
  • Diffuse the inspiring aroma during work or study.
  • Use its cleansing benefits by putting a couple drops in your nighttime facial cleanser.
  • Mix 1–2 drops with V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex and use in a relaxing massage.

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How to Use Topical: Apply 2–4 drops directly to desired area. Dilution not required, except for the most sensitive skin. Use as needed. Aromatic: Diffuse up to 1 hour 3 times daily. Caution: Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use. Storage: Keep in a cool, dark place.

Ingredients Helichrysum italicum† flower oil †100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil

earth kosher certifiedEarthKosher Certified

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Helichrysum Essential Oil — 26 Comments

  1. Hi there

    I’ve suffered from a sudden hearing loss on my left ear about 2 months ago. Was on steroids and medication but it did not work. I’ve started trying out HElichrysum oil about 1 month ago, hoping that the oil will make me hear again. But till today, I have on improvements. I know it is probably going to take me a few months before I see some results. but I would like to know the percentage of people who got a sudden hearing loss and gain it back after using helichrysum oil? And also what is the average duration that they start to see the imrpovements in their hearing?

    I would really appreciate your reply. Thank you.

  2. Helichrysum is so beautiful .I never heard it had so many functions before. GREAT.

  3. My first questions is, are you using Young Living Essential Oils or another brand? The effectiveness of the oils depends solely upon their purity and quality. Many companies say their oils are “pure” or “natural” or “high-quality” but these words are meaningless. Some essential oils even claim to be therapeutic-grade when they are not. Essential oils are only truly therapeutic-grade if the label states AFNOR and ISO. These standards help buyers differentiate between a therapeutic-grade essential oil and a lower grade oil with a similar chemical makeup and fragrance.

    If you’re not using therapeutic-grade Helichrysum, its doubtful you’ll ever see results. If you are using therapeutic-grade Helichrysum, realize it takes time. I don’t know the reason for your hearing loss, but if there is nerve damage, nerves take a long time to heal. Waiting six to 12 months is not unsual to notice improvement in hearing.

    Here’s an experience I recently read about:

    My sister suddenly had complete nerve deafness in her left ear 19 years ago. Doctors told her there was nothing they could do. After hearing that they had had success in Egypt using helichrysum for nerve deafness, she decided to give it a try. What did she have to lose?

    After faithfully applying one drop of helichrysum daily to the mastoid bone behind her ear for 7 months, she had regained significant hearing in her left ear. After 11 months, it was even greater. Praise God for helichrysum!

    Here’s another one that’s interesting:

    My 70 year old father called and said that he wasn’t as mentally sharp as he used to be. So I gave him some Clarity and Clove. I asked him to place 1 drop of clove under tongue 3 times daily and take deep breaths. Then I told him to apply clarity on forehead, neck, behind ear and base of skull and perform inhalations, repeat with clove. His attention got better but unexpectedly his hearing improved to the point he isn’t using his hearing aid anymore! He is really happy and participates alot more in conversations!

    Essential Oil Diva

  4. Hi hi

    Yes I’m using oils from Young living. noted that for nerve damaages that it will take long 6-12mths. I did read about those testimonials that you posted. they are very encouraging to me. But I was wondering if there are more of these kind of testimonials around, as most sites I find usually uses the same testimonials.
    Or if you know anybody who experience sudden hearing loss and become deaf after that, and got their hearing back after using the oils?


  5. Hazel,

    Yes, I do know a couple of people who had lost their hearing and got it back after applying helichrysum. It depends on what caused the hearing loss, and it takes time.

    There is a website called http://www.Oil-Testimonials.com where you’ll find many more testimonials. If you click on the ‘Search’ link in the top navigation bar, you’ll be able to search for your specific problem.

    Essential Oil Diva

  6. Hi hi

    Well, for my case, from what all the ENT specialist I’ve seen, told me, I had a viral infection, whch in turn damaged my nerves. They told me 1/3 people get their full hearing back within a few weeks, 1/3 get partial hearing back, and 1/3 dont get it back at all, and I am amongst the ones who dont get their hearing back. it’s been over 2 months already, and they said since it’s already 2 months, and medication did not help to restore my hearing, I am gonna be permenantly deaf on my left now. well, the thing is that I wasnt even ill nor did i hit my head in an accident before i got my hearing loss. So i really dont understand this at all.

    It’s great to know that you do know people who had hearing loss and got it back after using helichrysum oil. but i was wondering if any of the people you know have similar cases like me (sudden hearing loss and become deaf on one ear)? As I am deaf on my left, the audiologist said that i cant even use a normal hearing aid. I have to go for surgery in order to put on the hearing aid.

    Yes previously I’ve already read all the testimonials on that particular site. I’ve even tried asking and emailing certain people who posted their testimonials. One of which is the one who posted that his sister was deaf and got better after 6 months. But I havent got a reply from him yet.n I tried to find other similar cases about people who are deaf and got their hearing back after using heichrysum, but I didnt find many. they always show the same testimonial above. So I’m hoping to find more testimonials like that, so that I can be encouraged that helichysum does work, and will indeed get my hearing restored, might not be fully restored, but at least I can talk on the phone using my left ear.

    Thanks and heaer from you soon.

  7. Hazel,

    Hearing loss can be very complicated, because so much of it goes on deep inside the ear and can’t be easily see.

    Please understand that I’m not a doctor so I can’t diagnose or prescribe or even guess about your condition.

    My husband also had an serious infection in his inner ear that was extremely painful and left him with hearing loss. It’s been several years since it started, and medication hasn’t worked at all. Who know what caused it, although he did have some sports injuries in high school.

    It is getting better now and he has some of his hearing back. He is very forgetful about using the oils, but does use them. I’m going to have to remind him daily.

    Once again, every condition and cause is different. Each of us needs to pay attention to our needs and find what works best for us. No one can make any guarantees about anything, not even doctors – and your doctor wisely didn’t make any promises to you, just told you the percentages. Not being a doctor, I can’t even tell you that.

    I have many health issues myself that modern medicine cannot help. I’ve learned to take responsibility for my well-being, try methods that feel right to me and keep doing what helps me feel better, and that could be anything from avoiding certain foods that upset my system to getting more rest to enjoying essential oils.

    You might try a few of the other oils, as well. RC is nice around the ear, and so is Purification, along with Helichrysum.

  8. Hi hi

    Thanks for taking time to reply to me. Yes, hearing loss is indeed very complicated. Since i’ve gone through steroids and medication, and that didnt improve my hearing, and I also went through a scan, and no tumour was found (thankfully), the docs reason for my case was that it’s a viral infection which caused my hearing loss, which in turn made me deaf on my left. The strange thing is that I wasnt even sick before that (which usually is the case when one gets a viral infection), so this really leave ms feeling very uncertain. And since the docs gave me no hope, I’m turning to essential oils for help since I’ve read that some ppl do get it back.

    You were saying that your husband had a serious ear infection in his inner ear leading to a hearing loss, and he has gotten some of his hearing back after using the oils. May I know what are the oils that he uses, and where does he apply them? Roughly how long it took for him to get some hearing back? did he take about 6-12 months before he notice some imrpovements (like what you said earlier)?

    Oh yes, I would like to check with you if it is ok to apply purification AND RC on ear lobes, and behind the ears for my hearing loss? or is it not advisable to apply both (one aft the other)?

    Thank you so much for your time, I appreciate it.

  9. Hazel,

    My husband didn’t really feel sick either, but he had stabbing pains and ringing in his ear. I also had an inner ear infection once and the only symptom I had was dizziness.

    Good thing you had a scan and other tests to rule everything else out.

    It has taken my husband a long time to start getting his hearing back – many months. But I must clarify that he’s very forgetful about using the oils and doesn’t use them regularly. Even so, he is getting better.

    He used RC mostly at first, and then added helichrysum. purification is also a good one. He applied them behind the ear and a little bit on the outside of the ear opening itself, but no further.

    There’s no problem applying both Purification and RC on the ear lobes (or anywhere), as long as you wait a minute or two in between. That is called layering and a common method of applying oils. Let the first oil get absorbed before adding the second.

    The best oil to use depends on your system. If you still have the infection, RC would be good. If the infection stage is over, helichrysum is probably best.

  10. It’s really encouraging to know that your husband got back some of his hearing after using the oils, even though he doesnt use it regularly. Well, I must say I’ve been very constant using the oils. I use twice everyday without fail for 2 months now. I started off with helichrysum alon, and then i started to use other oils like RC, and recently i jsut started to use Lavender and purification along with helichrysum. I do pray and hope that with my regular applying of these oils, I will really get my hearing back, even if it is some hearing, I would really love to hear the ouside world on my left again.

    I am not very sure if the infection stage is over though, coz even the docs do not know. they jsut simply said that it’s caused by a viral infection, since in a way I had no tumour and stuff like that…

    Thank you so much for taking time out to reply me. I really appreciate it.

  11. Hi Hazel

    I was serching and just read your conversation abaut your hearing loss. I have a 6 years old son and when he was 3.5 years old he had ear infection and lots of fluid in both ears. Took a few good months until the doctor put gromets in his ears and sedly after that we found out he had sensorineural hearing loss in both ears.Untill now no one can tell us what course his hearing loss and it is very frustraiting. Did the scan too and is clear. One of the doctor sad he was born like this what I know is not true becouse we have him recorded on video camera tolking very clear before that. We started too with helicrysum one month ago, and I put behind his ear every morning and night . I’m praing that will help, and I know in my heart he will not be with hearing loss permanently like the doctors say. I hope your hearing will be back too for good .


  12. Marta,

    I’m glad you’re using helicrysum. Make sure it is therapeutic-grade. It will take many months to see results so don’t give up hope. And since your son is very young, his body has strong capacity for healing.

  13. I have nerve damage from a car accident approx. 1year ago.I also have numbness in the ball and toes of my feet.could you recommend an oil to help with this.we currently use young living oils and think there awesome.thank you for your help in advance. Would a blend be better or a single oil for this condition,maybe helichrysum?
    Joan and Ross hammer

  14. Ross,

    You are certainly on the right track with helichrysum. Helichrysum is the oil that regenerates nerves, but it takes time – about 6 to 9 months. So don’t give up.

    Dorado Azul is also excellent for nerve regeneration:

    Nerve Regeneration – Dorado Azul

    “A friend reports that using Dorado azul with a few other oils (valor, lavender, palo santo, dorado azul, and peppermint layered in that order) was tremendously helpful for nerve damage from banging an elbow.”

    Copaiba is also an intriguing oil that also has the ability to help nerves. This oil has been called, “frankincense and helichrysum on steroids.” Copaiba has powerful sesquiterpenes which will access brain function, helping us deal with emotional distress and inflammation, and it also contains anti-inflammatory molecules that may work better than helichrysum at easing pain.

    Copaiba may help inflammation more than nerves, but it may be worth experimenting with. The blend Deep Relief contains helichrysum, copaiba, palo santo and several other oils. It’s mostly used for strained muscles and ligamens but would be a good one to experiment with.

    Another thing is dealing with the brain trauma that affects the entire body. There is a very effective technique called Neuro Cranial Integration: NCi, that addresses that. You can read more here: My Better Brain or here: wellness22.com

    You can see if anyone who does it lives near you here: NCi Practitioner Directory
    This technique made a huge difference in my life.

    I had a car accident 30 years ago that badly impacted my life. The closer you can get this treatment to the actual injury, the faster you can heal.

    Hope this helps

  15. What about internal scar tissue? Urethral stricures? Boyfriend has urethral scar tissue, that almost completely disables his urine flow… He has been taking Thiosinaminum for nearly one month, and he is really trying to self heal instead of risking permanent damage by having reconstructive surgery.

  16. Ashley,

    Helichrysum is well-known for its ability to dissolve scar tissue, but everyone’s situation is different and there are no guarantees. It also take quite a while, so don’t give up too soon.

    Being in such a delicate area, perhaps diluting the oil with almond oil or jojoba oil would be wise. Just 2 to 3 drops of almond oil per drop of helichrysum would probably do it. The oil will still penetrate.

    The blend Gentle Baby is used by many mothers after giving birth for reducing scars and stretch marks. Women rave about it, but it’s not just for women, so if your boyfriend wants to try it, he can.

    Other oils that also help scars are German chamomile, galbanum, rose hip seed oil, sandalwood, frankincense, lavender and geranium. Sometimes, making a blend of these helps bring out the best properties in each.

    Here’s a recipe I found:
    10 drops geranium
    6 drops lavender
    8 drops helichrysum
    4 drops patchouli

    MSM (natural sulphur) is a nutrient very important to skin and bones. Some people have reported a softening or disappearance of scar tissue after using it for a while. Sulfurzyme is a great source of very absorbable natural sulphur.

    Hope this helps.

  17. I prefer to use all natural products and herbs, essential oils and supplements. I have had ear pain for about 2-3 years and have tried different things for it, but without success. It started after a root canal and the subsequent removal of the root canals in the lower left jaw. I’ve used hydrogen peroxide in the ear, castor oil, over the counter ear drops, prescription ear drops, and ozone therapy injected into my jaw (dentist did this), and whatever offers hope. I decided to try the helichrysum essential oils and bought an expensive, wildcrafted quality oil I’ve used it directly on my skin with no trouble, so I thought using directly in my ear would be OK. Bad mistake. Within minutes, my ear was in dire pain. I diluted it with castor oil, and went to bed, but had stabbing pain for a day now. Not sure what is going on, but I will never use it again directly in the ear! I do hope for some good results after all this!

  18. Patty,

    Apparently you didn’t know that no essential oil should ever be used inside the ear canal! I hope you didn’t pour a drop into your ear. This can dry out your ear drum and rupture it. If you did, please go see your doctor right away.

    Essential oils, including helichrysum, should only be rubbed on the opening of the ear and behind the ear.

  19. While I can’t legally use the word “cure,” many people have reported improved/restored hearing from noise induced hearing loss, as well as other reasons for hearing loss.

  20. My 8 year old son lost his hearing between 40 to 70% when he was araund 3.5 year old.He had fluid in his years and after they put gromets in his ears, he couldnt hear anymore. They sad the fluid didnt course his hearing loss. Didnt have any other illness. He were hearing aids now. 2 years ago I tryed with helicrisium allmost a year and sadly didn’t have any resolts.But that doesnt mean will be the case in your situation. Hope you get your hearing back. I will never give up hopping for my son hearing.

  21. Could I just grow my own and make my own tincture? If so what kind can I grow? I wanna heal my noise induced hearing loss

  22. Ryan,

    It depends on where you live. Helichrysum italicum is the medicinal variety used in quality oils. It grows on dry, rocky or sandy ground in the Mediterranean region. I don’t know if you can grow quality helichrysum in the US.

    Another thing to consider is the quantity you would need to create even a small amount of oil. It takes a lot of plant material to create even one drop of oil.

    And then the distillation process must be at exactly the right temperature for the correct length of time needed to produce quality oil.

    With the plants that make essential oils – soil, location, climate all play a huge part in creating the healing constituents of the oil. Distillation also has a huge bearing on the quality.

    Making a tincture would be much easier, of course, but I don’t know if it would be as effective. I’ve not heard of tincture doing the trick.

    The reason some oils are so expensive is because they only grow in one part of the world and/or it takes a ton of plant material to produce a small amount of oil. That is why there are so many counterfeit essential oils – unscrupulous growers and distillers pass off fakes as the real thing when there is high demand.

  23. How long til I start seeing results? I only have the beginning of mild hearing loss, and how much will this cost me?

  24. Ryan,

    No one can tell you how long it will take to see results. Its very individual. I do know that it takes a long time for nerves to grow. It’s not nearly as fast as it takes to heal a broken bone. Normally, hearing loss takes months to repair, if it is from nerve damage. Has your doctor determined the cause of your hearing loss?

    That said, high quality helichrysum is one of the most expensive oils for reasons mentioned in the earlier post. Right now, a small bottle of helichrysum goes for $103.62 retail. That’s expensive, but it’s the finest you can get, and you only need a small amount each day.

    It’s possible to get it for 24% off. Write to me through the contact page if you would like more information about that.

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