Eucalyptus radiata essential oil

Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil is cooling, refreshing, and energizing. As the other eucalyptus oils, it comes from the Myrtaceae (myrtle) botanical family and is native to Australia. The oil is steam distilled from the leaves.

Lighter in smell and milder than Eucalyptus Globulus, it has many of the same supportive properties. Because it is relatively gentle and nonirritating, it is the preferred choice for children and the elderly and can be applied neat (not mixed with a carrier oil).

The Eucalyptus Radiata variety is one of the most versatile of the eucalyptus oils and is suitable for topical use, diffusing, and even direct inhalation. It has long been an ingredient in some of Young Living’s most popular blends.

Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil is anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and a good expectorant.

It has been studied for its action against viruses. The chemotype of this oil is used extensively for respiratory infections, particularly chronic respiratory conditions. It is more suited to direct inhalation by diffusing or breathing closely as it triggers less cough reflex than eucalyptus globulus.

Uses: Eucalyptus radiata has been used for conjunctivitis, vaginitis, acne, sinusitis, bronchitis and any type of upper chest infection. It may also help with acne, ear inflammation, endometriosis, nasal and sinus congestion and sinusitis. Many people have found it useful for painful joints and muscles.

When combined with bergamot, Eucalyptus radiata has been used effectively on herpes simplex.

Application: Diffuse or rub on the bottom of the feet or on location.

Possible skin sensitivity. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician.

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