Essential Oils for Weight Loss and Balancing Blood Sugar — 3 Comments

  1. I Have another wonderful oil for weight loss, Thieves essential oil! Two days ago I started getting a cold that I got from my son, so I put 3 or 4 drops in a half glass of water 3-5 times a day and well I litteraly have NO APPETITE! And I am definitely an eater expecialy at night, I love to snack and I have no desire to eat!

  2. I believe I will give this a try. I am diabetic and combined weight loss and blood sugar control is music to my ears!

  3. Rebecca,

    Wow, that sounds great!

    I heard drinking NinxgiaRed Juice before meals or a drop or two of ocotea twice a day can help decrease hunger and cravings too, but I’m definitely going to try Thieves.

    The Essential Oil Diva

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