essential oil diffusers Safely Scent and Purify the Air in Your Home with an Essential Oil Diffuser

The Essential Oil Diffuser disperses essential oils without heating them so they retain their therapeutic benefits. With Young Living’s® innovative air pump, oils are dispersed in a microfine vapor, allowing them to remain suspended in the air for extended periods of time.

During the Holiday Season, the Complete Diffuser comes with a 5ml Christmas Spirit™ and a 5ml Orange essential oil. A free organza bag is included as well.

Please Note: This pump is not compliant with EU voltage. They are designed for use with 120 volts. (Please contact the UK office for a pump that is EU compatible.)

How to use:

Using the Diffuser: The Young Living Diffuser consists of an air pump, an oil well base, and a glass nebulizer connected by a flexible air tube. Attached to the air tube is a flow control valve. You can set the pump on the floor or under a table so that it is out of sight. For your convenience, you can attach the pump to an appliance timer so it will turn on and off automatically.

Assembly: Carefully remove the parts from the packaging. Connect one end of the clear plastic tube to the air pump outlet and the other end to the air inlet of the well. Place the glass nebulizer over the jet.

Operating Instructions: Pour 15 to 20 drops of oil directly into the well approximately one-quarter inch deep. You only need enough oil for the mist to start coming through the top of the nebulizer. You may wish to place the bottle of essential oil upside down in the well located next to the nebulizer. Be sure that the plastic orifice (drop reducer) is still in the bottle opening. Turn the knob on the flow control valve.

How much oil to use? Thicker oils will diffuse more slowly than thinner ones. You can leave a bottle of thicker oils upside down on the well because it diffuses slowly. Thinner oils should be poured directly into the well because they diffuse quickly.

Note: Never add water to oils or thin them with another substance. This could clog the jet and possibly alter the oil’s effects.

Changing Oils: You can change from a single oil to a blend or from a blend to a single. Simply allow the first oil to be completely diffused. If there is too much oil left to diffuse, use the enclosed eyedropper to return it to its bottle.

Mixing Oils: Avoid mixing two or more blends, as this may change the desired results. A single oil may be added to a blend, or two single oils may be mixed together and diffused. Avoid using vegetable oils such a V-6 Mixing Oil, massage oils, or other vegetable-based oils in your diffuser. Oils of this thickness may clog the diffuser.

Cleaning the Diffuser: Disconnect the plastic tubing from the air outlet on the well. Remove the glass nebulizer and clean it with soapy water or rubbing alcohol. Seal both ends of the nebulizer and shake. Rinse with water or alcohol. Let dry completely. Use a blow dryer on low heat for quicker drying. Thoroughly clean the inside of the well with rubbing alcohol or soapy water.

How long should a diffuser be used? In the home, a diffuser may be used for any length of time-anywhere from 5 minutes to continuous use. Short periods of 5 to 15 minutes are recommended for anyone who is experiencing oils for the first time. In large offices or commercial areas, the diffuser should be used for 15 to 30 minutes at a time until everyone in the area becomes acquainted with the oils. After that point, it may run continuously.

Cautions: The glass nebulizer should always be placed over the jet before starting the diffuser. Low grade oils or “perfume essences” may clog the air jet. The diffuser should be placed on a steady surface that is protected in case spills occur.

Troubleshooting: When a diffuser is functioning properly, you can see oil being projected through the glass nebulizer as it turns into a mist. If this is not happening, check the following: No air output. Be sure the pump is plugged into an active electrical socket and the tubing is properly attached. Check to make sure that the knob on the control valve is turned. Make sure there is oil in the well or in the bottle.

Comes in your choice of these colors (while supplies last):

  • Red – Item #3663
  • Bronze – Item #3660
  • Green – Item #3662
  • Silver – Item #3661

The Complete Diffuser includes:

  • Well (with jet)
  • Pump
  • Glass Nebulizer
  • Oil Dropper
  • Tubing

NOTE: The well and jet is one unit. Removing the jet will render the diffuser inoperable.

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Essential Oil Diffusers – New Style Pump — 2 Comments

  1. I am trying to buy a PUMP ONLY for this diffusor. How much does it cost and how soon could I get it?

    Any questions call (610) 326-2387

  2. Donna,

    Sorry, the new style pumps don’t sell separately. You can, however, still get the old style well and jet: wholesale $50; retail $65.79 –
    bronze – #3824
    green – #3821
    silver – #3764

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