plate of einkorn-spaghettiCook up awesome pasta dishes with this easier-to-digest, ancient wheat, which dates back to the beginning of time – before cross-breeding and early genetic manipulation attempts changed the nutrient and protein composition of the plant.

Einkorn is the original “staff-of-life” grain, known as the oldest variety of wheat, which dates back to the beginning of time.

Einkorn’s natural genetic code and low gluten levels make it a superior choice because of its compatibility with the human body when compared to the modern, hybrid wheat of today.

Because einkorn is low in gluten and easy to digest, it also allows for better absorption of nutrients.

einkorn-spaghetti Today, Young Living is helping to bring einkorn wheat back to its rightful prominence in the world. Enjoy its goodness in this 8 oz. box of spaghetti offered in dry form with suggested preparation and sauce recipes.

einkorn-wheat field
Did You Know?

  • Einkorn is the original bible grain.

  • Einkorn is a “hulled” wheat, whereas modern wheats are not. The hull can protect the grain from stray chemical contamination and insects.

  • Einkorn wheat has 14 chromosomes, while modern wheat has 42. This makes einkorn easier to digest.

Ingredients: Whole grain einkorn flour (Triticum monococcum), Water

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