Dog Health Essential Oil Tips-Part 2 — 2 Comments

  1. My 13 yr. old Shih Tsu dog use to get once a month seizures for a few years. I researched online for natural remedies for seizures. A few articles said that Taurine will help prevents seizures. So I tried 500 mg. of Taurine a day. So far my dog has not had a seizure in one year.


  2. Diane,

    Thanks for the tip. Most dogs are able to synthesize taurine in their bodies from other amino acids, but some dogs have a taurine deficiency due to breed or certain diseases, although it can show up in any breed. Lack of taurine can cause heart problems as well as liver disease, seizure disorders, and Type I diabetes. Supplementing with taurine can reverse these problems in dogs.

    Cat food is normally supplemented with taurine because cats can’t synthesize taurine, and must get it from their diet, mostly from muscle meats. Although dogs can synthesize it, there is not enough real meat in most dog food for dogs to get enough amino acids to synthesize their own taurine. They simply can’t do it with grain proteins because it is completely absent in cereal grains.

    Some dog food manufacturers have started added taurine to their formulas, but not all dog food has added taurine, or enough of it. That’s why the taurine supplements help your dog so much!

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