Dog Health – Part 2

doggy_kissThis is the second part of what you can do to maintain your dog’s health naturally. Here are some more tips for you to try…

General Dog Health:

I use oregano diluted 1-5 (5drops of Virgin olive oil to 1 drop of oregano) and massage it into my dogs skin after a bath. He really likes it and has never got sick. Also my neighbors dog had an open wound on his front leg and we used that combination on him and it healed his wound. – Nel

Dog Allergies:

Several years ago one of my dogs had bad allergies. She about scratched herself to death, and the poor thing suffered swollen eyes, trouble breathing, and skin that had to be seen to be believed. The first summer I used lavender mixed with vegetable oil on her poor inflamed skin and rose ointment. It was the only relief she got as the vet had no suggestions aside from saying it was probably a food allergy. I began bathing her every other day with YL lavender shampoo, which helped. But the real trick was when I added melaluca to the shampoo. After the first bath with melaluca (which she hated as I made her stand for 5 minutes with the shampoo on), the itching began to subside. She only got better from that point on. She could have had a severe fungal infection. That winter I put her on a chicken and rice and powermeal diet to boost her immunity and it worked! Its now three years later, she has no sign of allergies or fungus of any kind, has all her hair, never chews and only gets an occasional bath. – Kristin

Dog Seizures:

We have friends whose little poodle has seizures. Their Vet didn’t want to increase meds any more. I suggested trying Lavender on her paws and ears. They were amazed. If she starts a seizure now, they use the Lavender and it makes the seizure much shorter and much less severe. They call it their miracle medicine. As to our personal experience, we have an elderly dog who’s begun to pace the floor in the middle of the night. If I put Peace and Calming on the inside tips of her ears and a drop (or whatever’s left on my finger) under her upper lip before I go to bed, she sleeps peacefully all night. – Carol F
We have a dog that has been having seizures for years….healthy as a horse otherwise! We were told by the vet that they were epileptic seizures. They said there is medicine they could give him, but they don’t usually do it until the seizures get worse (longer in duration and more often) than what our dog’s were. I’ve tested and used many of the oils on him. The ones that seem to work the best are Valor and Sandalwood. As soon as he goes into a seizure, I grab the Valor or Sandalwood and put it on the bottom of his pads, the bottom tips of his ears and the crown and down between his eyes. He seems to have shorter and less intense seizures once I put one of the oils on. – Lori G

Getting Rid of Skunk Odor:

We live in the country and have a dog that has free reign. He came in recently and a skunk had obviously sprayed him. I put three drops of Purification on his spine. Then I put 2-3 drops with some V-6 oil rubbed into my palms and rubbed onto my dog’s fur. Two hours later, I called him in. He smelled fine, and I let him into the house to stay for the night. – Robin

*These tips comes directly from essential oil users and are passed on to you. The owners of this website and Young Living Essential Oils assume no liability for any damage, misuse, method of use, pain or difficulty caused by use of these dog’s health tips.


Dog Health Essential Oil Tips-Part 2 — 2 Comments

  1. My 13 yr. old Shih Tsu dog use to get once a month seizures for a few years. I researched online for natural remedies for seizures. A few articles said that Taurine will help prevents seizures. So I tried 500 mg. of Taurine a day. So far my dog has not had a seizure in one year.


  2. Diane,

    Thanks for the tip. Most dogs are able to synthesize taurine in their bodies from other amino acids, but some dogs have a taurine deficiency due to breed or certain diseases, although it can show up in any breed. Lack of taurine can cause heart problems as well as liver disease, seizure disorders, and Type I diabetes. Supplementing with taurine can reverse these problems in dogs.

    Cat food is normally supplemented with taurine because cats can’t synthesize taurine, and must get it from their diet, mostly from muscle meats. Although dogs can synthesize it, there is not enough real meat in most dog food for dogs to get enough amino acids to synthesize their own taurine. They simply can’t do it with grain proteins because it is completely absent in cereal grains.

    Some dog food manufacturers have started added taurine to their formulas, but not all dog food has added taurine, or enough of it. That’s why the taurine supplements help your dog so much!

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