If you are here, it means you are interested in getting a replicating site of the “End Menopause Misery Now” video series and the training that goes with it. That’s greatl!

What I need to know is how many people are interested. That will determine whether I get a new server (and other software) now or later. If you are interested in being one of the beta starters, I’m just asking for you to “raise your hand” by contacting me at this point, no money is needed yet (I need to decide about the server first).

I will be accepting only a small group at first while things get worked out.


As in many significant things in life, there are a few qualifications. You…

  • Must be in Rufina James downline #[87339] – (at this time, I can only work with people in my downline).
  • Must understand that the program is in Beta, which means things are still being added, changed and tweaked, and that your input is important.
  • Need to be a team player who communicates well, is flexible, likes new technology (nothing too complicated) and can take things in stride.
  • Need to have the time to attend conference calls, watch training videos and put at least 10 hours a week into your business.
  • MUST be willing to learn new methods of online promotion (if you are not already using effective methods). I’m talking about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc., (you won’t need to master ALL of them – only a couple). Some of the promotion methods will be free and some may cost. This is out of my control.
  • Are committed to building a booming YL business!
  • Watch the entire video series. If you haven’t already watched the full series, please sign up at MenopauseX [ http://menopausex.com ] and go through it. You will absolutely need to experience it for yourself to promote it properly. And don’t worry, there are some things that are specific to me and my site – I will be changing those to make it generically promotable.

I plan to add more videos in the near future for YL’s most popular products and another video series for PMS similar to this one. So this is just the beginning.

This is a one-of-a-kind series. There is nothing like this anywhere out there, and if there was, you’d be paying an arm and a leg for it. Putting together this video series was a huge undertaking that very few people could do. But you can simply “plug-in” to a pre-existing system for a very small cost. I’m keeping the costs very low for my downline because I want to help you succeed. This an amazing opportunity for the right person.

Once again, I am only looking for serious people. Setting someone up with the system and training them is very time-consuming. I do not want to invest in people who then drop out. You must be motivated to do the work you need to build your business, and be able to work well with and contribute to others in the group.

If that describes you, then please fill out the form below and click SEND. I’ll put you on the list and get back to you shortly.