cinnamon sticksEnjoy The Warm, Stimulating, Delicious Flavor And Aroma Of Cinnamon!

Everyone loves the wonderful spicy scent of cinnamon! That’s exactly what you smell when you open a bottle of cinnamon essential oil.

If you want a super potent, totally real cinnamon flavor, try it in cake or pudding recipes, or add it to your favorite drink.  Superb! Cinnamon oil is now being used by master chefs in many recipes as a tangy, inventive ingredient.

Cinnamon was so popular in earlier times that it was the main reason behind the occupation of Ceylon – first the Portuguese, then the Dutch, and then the British.

Cinnamon is one of the most antimicrobial essential oils.  It is anti-infectious, antibacterial for a large spectrum of infections.  It’s knows as a general tonic and increases blood flow when previously restricted and is a light anticoagulant.  It is also used as a sexual stimulant. cinnamon essential oil Cinnamon essential oil fights viral and infections diseases.  Researchers have found that viruses cannot live in the presence of cinnamon oil.  A number of studies also show that adding cinnamon to the diet of diabetics helps regulate blood sugar.

Cinnamon essential oil can help circulation, infections, coughs, exhaustion, respiratory infections, digestion, rheumatism, typhoid, vaginitis, and warts.

It is a strong oil that can burn, so it’s best to dilute cinnamon bark before topical application or direct inhalation. Cinnamon Bark has an approximate ORAC of 103,448 (TE/L). TE/L is expressed as micromole Trolox equivalent per liter.

Possible skin sensitivity. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Always dilute before applying to the skin or taking internally. Keep out of reach of children.

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Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil — 4 Comments

  1. I really love the cinnamon scent too. I just want to know if this cinnamon oil is effective on any pains too.

  2. Cinnamon is one of the most antimicrobial essential oils. It is highly antimicrobial, anti-infectious, and antibacterial as well as antiviral and antifungal. It fights viral and infectious diseases and is used for conditions that involve bacteria, funguses, viruses or infections as well as a general tonic.

    Many people also find it helpful for circulation, coughs, exhaustion, digestion, rheumatism and warts.

    The Essential Oil Diva

  3. antibiotics no longer work for me and I currently have a kidney infection so am looking for natural things to combat it. I used to take grapefruit seed extract in a capsule with a meal x2 daily but that no longer works either. How would I go about taking the cinnamon essential oil to fight my kidney infection??? can I take several drops in a gel capsule with a meal or do I need to drink diluted in a liquid? and how much?
    thanks for the help.

  4. Sharon,

    Besides working on the infection, it sounds like you need a good kidney cleanse. But first, the infection. I’m going to type out some of what is in the Essential Oil Desk Reference:

    Damage to the glomeruli (tiny filtering units in the kidneys caused by bacterial infections is called pyelonephritis. To reduce infection, drink a gallon of water mixed with cranberry juice daily and use the following:

    Single Oils: Myrrh, cypress, juniper
    Blends: Thieves
    – Cypress or marjoram with Thieves, JuvaFlex of Inspiration
    – Juniper with Endoflex

    Place 1-3 drops in water and take as a dietary supplement three times a day. Apply as a compress over kidneys and bladder as well as the corresponding Vita Flex points on the feet.

    Recipe 1 – Kidney Compress:
    5 drops juniper
    5 drops tangerine
    3 drops geranium
    1 drop helichrysum

    Massage or apply a compress over the kidneys for one night. The following night place an ImmuPower compress over kidneys, while rubbing the kidney Via Flex point on the feet.


    Cinnamon is not mentioned alone, because it is in the Thieves blend, which is a better combination of oils for kidneys. You can now get Thieves in a capsule – it’s called Inner Defense. It is blended with three types of oregano and cinnamon and its powerful and effective. I usually take one in the morning with breakfast and one at night before bedtime.

    If all the oils mentioned above in the EODR seem like too much, don’t worry. You don’t need them all. Just get Thieves and a couple more, although the kidney compress sounds very good.

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