girl_with_a_sour_faceI received an email today from a mother concerned about her daughter’s blindness asking if there were any essential oils that could help. Her daughter had just been diagnosed with being legally blind in one eye.

This would be difficult news for any mother and while I’m not a doctor and can’t prescribe or diagnose, I can share my thoughts and what others have used. She didn’t mention the cause of her daughter’s blindness, so it’s hard to know where to begin.

Usually, the beginning is always with general health and fitness. The diet is the first place to look. Is her daughter eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and getting sufficient vitamins and minerals? Is her daughter exercising and staying physically fit?
A frequently overlooked factor to many health problems, including eyesight, is head injuries. Many times, sports mishaps can cause injuries that are harmful to developing brains. Because the brain regulates virtually every organ in the body, researchers are now discovering that even a small injury such as a child might get from being hit in the head with a softball or volleyball or “heading” in soccer can be enough to cause headaches and/or vision impairment.

Is There A Way To Help Eyes Naturally?

Several essential oils as well as Ninxia Red juice seem to be particularly helpful and supportive of the eyes. Essential oils are generally not used directly on the eyes as they are too strong, but they can be used around my eyes (rubbed on cheek and brow in a large circle around the eyes) and on the vita flex eye points. There are several oils that people have had good results from using, as well as Ninxia Red juice.

Ida’s night vision got better after using MSN and Lavender oil:

I had a really hard time driving, especially at night, being that it’s so dark where I live. Here in the country there are no street lights. I started using MSM and Lavender oil around my eyes at night. I just made a large circle around my eyes with my two fingers. My vision has improved so much since doing that. I don’t even do it every night. Also I’ve been using MSM in the morning and evening, usually three capsules each time. Now I have no problem driving at night!

Many people love Frankincense and/or lavender around the eyes. Janet loves Wolfberry Eye cream:

It was 2000 when my 20/20 vision started blurring. By 2006 I was wearing a 275 strength of magnification. I had read that using Wolfberry Eye cream could improve your eyesight. I started using it twice a day with a dot of the cream under the eyes and on the lid above the eyes. From August 2006 to December 2008 I used this cream and just had my first evidence that my eyes are better. I put on a pair of glasses in 125 strength and focused perfectly. Keep on oiling.

NingXiaRed-3003But by far, the one product that gets the most comments and testimonials about improving the eyes is Ningxia Red juice. Here are a few of them:

I am so excited I just have to share this with all of you!! For the past 15+ years my driver’s license has had a restriction stating that I must wear corrective lenses while I drive. For the past 7 month I have faithfully been drinking 3 oz of NingXia Red daily. And in the morning and before bed I have been messaging around my eyes and vita flex points with Frankincense. I also cup my hands over my opened eyes and nose while breathing in deeply. The new glasses I got in November have been bothering me for the past month, so last week I went to our Department of Motor Vehicles and asked them if I could retake the eye exam and have the restriction removed from my license. They set me up on their new machine needles to say I past with flying colors & have a new license with no restrictions! – Cecelia D. California
I was taking Ningxia Red for pain and immune system improvements. I noticed that my sight improved. I had to get a neck hanger for my glasses because I was wasting a lot of time looking through them. – Cyndi W. MN
I renewed my drivers license in August 2006. The service person questioned me if I was still wearing eye-ware. I stated I didn’t have any of them with me and could I take the test anyway….and I passed! The eye-ware restriction was removed from my license. Thank you NingXia Red for improving my eyesight as well as my husbands. We won’t be without this powerful wholefood supplemental juice. – Elizabeth L., NM
My hubby has worn the same glasses for about 20 years. Up until a couple of months ago he could see very well with them. He mentioned to me that he was having trouble seeing the TV and things were blurry when driving. As we were planning a trip to British Columbia we thought we’d better get his eyes/glasses checked. He went to an optometrist who checked and re-checked his eyes and his glasses. The appointment lasted about 1 hour. At the end of the appointment, the Optometrist said he couldn’t understand how my hubby could see – the glasses he currently had were way to STRONG!! My hubby’s eyesight actually improved – incredible for a man of 60!! The one thing that he has done differently over the past 12 months is to drink an ounce of Ningxia Red each day. I would also swear that his grey hair is getting darker… – Lucille D, Alberta, Canada

box-of_eye_glassesI, too, have noticed a huge improvement in my vision since I’ve been drinking Ningxia Red juice. Using a combination of drinking Ningxia Red, CSi cranial treatments and systematically switching back to my older glasses (I kept all my old glasses), my vision correction has dropped 8 steps over the last few years (I used to wear really thick lenses).

I now wear my reading glasses normally and see clearly with them even at long distances, use no glasses for reading and only wear a stronger pair for night driving.

That’s certainly going against the curve for anyone past 40! I decided to try this when my optometrist said I would soon need bi-focals. Bi-focals! The very word made me wince! I could see myself smashing into walls or going around in circles from looking at the wrong part of the lens – not to speak of what that would do to my brain! Not for me. I had to find a way to better vision – and I did.


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