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  1. Helichrysum Oil, also known as Everlasting Oil, studied in Europe for regeneration of nerves, and improving skin conditions and circulation. It is considered one of the most important essential oils in aromatherapy because of its healing properties. There are many species of Helichrysum (approximately 500!) with italicum, sub-species ‘serotinum’ considered the best for therapeutic use.

  2. Is this oil used neat over the hear and elswhere? Can it be used with water as a spray? If so how much do I use? How many drops of oil to massage oil? How quick does this oil work?

  3. Janet,

    I’m not sure what you are using Aroma Life for so it’s hard to say. Even if I knew, everyone has to experiment and find the amount that works best for them.

    Aroma Life is often used on the Vita Flex points on the feet, hand and arm points, as well as the foot points if there’s time when there is a heart attack. Also, the Essential Oil Desk Reference states that Marjoram and Aroma Life stimulate regeneration of smooth muscle tissue, particularly in the heart which can counteract both tachycardia (rapid heartbeat) or bradycardia (slow heartbeat). One drop of each oil over the heart and on the heart Vita Flex points is suggested.

    Since I think you mention the ear, “Is this oil used neat over the ear and elswhere?” – it can be used neat over the ear, but NEVER IN the ear. Only rub on the opening of the ear.

    Some people put a drop on a cotton ball and place it in the ear. But you must make absolutely sure the cotton ball is not dripping, just slightly moistened with a small amount of oil. One drop is probably enough. For hearing issues, the Essential Oil Desk Reference lists helichrysum use with juniper, peppermint or geranium, or helichrysum with Purification, ImmuPower, and Melrose.

  4. Janet,

    About making your own mixture with the oils you have on hand – you’ll get something close, but not exact as there’s no way to know the proportions of each oil. Proportions do make a difference, so you may not get the desired effect.

  5. quelle est la devise des roll’on’s d’arôme ?

    “pour se sentir en pleine forme….”

    est-ce exact ?

    concours aromalife

  6. Anne,

    Je n’ai pas tous les articles en français, mais il ya une façon que vous pouvez traduire rapidement tout sur mon site en français. Il suffit d’aller à (vous pouvez avoir besoind’aller à la version américaine de Google) et entrer dans ce que vous traduisez de l’anglais vers le français, elle doit se traduire le texte pour vous en moins d’une minute! Il fonctionne très bien. Je l’aiutilisé pour cet e-mail.

    Si vous avez d’autres questions, s’il vous plaît faites le moi savoir. Et si vous décidez d’acheter des huiles essentielles, ils vousdemander un numéro de référence. S’il vous plaît utiliser celui-ci: #87339

    Je suis désolé, je ne comprends pas votre question précédente. Êtes-vous poser des questions sur le parfum ou les prestations de santé?

    Je vous remercie,

    The Essential Oil Diva

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