Need A Natural Melatonin Releaser For Better Sleep?

Having trouble sleeping and wondering if there is an effective natural melatonin releaser? Try cedarwood aromatherapy – using cedarwood essential oil at bedtime.  It can actually help your brain release melatonin. That’s because cedarwood is very high in sesquiterpenes. If you’re not … Continue reading →

Love Black Pepper? You’ve Got To Try This…

  Love the taste of pepper? Looking for new ways to experience it? Here’s a suggestion – try black pepper essential oil.   Black pepper essential oil is a “total emmersion” type of pepper experience.  Wonderful for those who love … Continue reading →

Bergamot, The Newest West Coast Culinary Secret

What’s the hottest culinary flavoring to hit haute cuisine? Its Bergamot.  West Coast chefs are proclaiming it’s fresh and exciting new flavor.  Bergamot is turning up flavoring roast chicken, salmon marinade,  vinaigrettes, and glazing bundt cakes.  Some aficionados proclaim it … Continue reading →

Out Of Fresh Basil? Try Basil Essential Oil.

Love the flavor basil adds to salads, pasta and pesto?  Naturally! Basil is a delicious addition to many favorite recipes… especially if you like Italian food and flavors. But have you ever run out of fresh basil just when you … Continue reading →

Need a Natural Horse Fly Repellent?

Ever wanted to how to keep flies off horses naturally? Idaho tansy essential oil is a great natural pest repellant.  Idaho tansy floral water* is usually used to keep flies off horses naturally.  But if you can’t find any floral … Continue reading →

The Wonders Of Lavender Essential Oil!

Ah, lavender! There’s nothing more wonderful that the scent of truly high-quality lavender essential oil.  With a quality lavender oil, not only does the scent sweep me off my feet, but I’m instantly transported to another world.  I can’t help … Continue reading →