Monsanto’s Fingerprints Found Behind Attack On Organic Food

Monsanto's Fingerprints Found Behind Attack On Organic Food

An email trail discovered by Stacy Malkan (as printed in the Huffington Post on 06/30/20) shows that a “nonprofit” organization (whose purpose is to attack organic food) is secretly funded by Monsanto.

The so-called nonprofit also collaborated with Monsanto on strategy and plans to discredit the organic food industry.

The organization claims it is “independent” and “non-profit” yet the money flow from corporate interests to donor trusts to private foundations has now gone public. Click on the above image to read the full article.

That Vitamin Summit Begins May 12, 2016

That Vitamin SummitThat Vitamin Summit is online and FREE from May 12-18, 2016.

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That Vitamin Summit will help explain…

  • How many vitamins SHOULD I be taking, and from what sources?
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  • Cancer, Heart Disease and Diabetes. Which vitamins can really help me with these diseases?
  • Vitamin K2. Why haven’t we heard much about it until lately?
  • My Children’s health. Is it really wise to give them a lot of vitamins?
  • Can’t I get enough from just eating fruits and vegetables?

Worth tuning into!

That Vitamin Movie Free Screening For First 30 Minutes

That Vitamin Movie Teaser from Andrew Saul Phd.

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Interestingly enough, the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency are very, very similar to Alzheimer’s disease.”

23 experts share their knowledge, experience and research.

For a limited time, free viewing is available for the first 30 minutes. DVD also available.

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CDC Issues Flu Vaccine Apology: Vaccine Won’t Work This Year

CDC Vaccine Apology A recent video Gary Franchi of NextNewsNetwork reveals the shocking admission by the CDC that this year’s flu vaccine doesn’t work.

From the video:

“For the first time we can remember, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are going on the record, saying the flu vaccine won’t work this year. The warning comes just before the busiest part of flu season, in January and February. Unfortunately, there won’t be any refund for any of the patients or insurance companies who spent money on flu shots earlier this fall. Continue reading →

Cancer Drugs: Come Up With The Money or Die

The Cost Of Cancer DrugsIn “The Cost Of Cancer Drugs,” aired on October 5, 2014, Lesley Stahl of CBS’ 60 Minutes reported on the pharmaceutical industry’s rigging of cancer drug prices to levels so high they are bankrupting patients. Some doctors are speaking out about the industry’s practice of holding desperate patients hostage to the drugs for fear of losing their life.

There is hardly a family in the United States that is not in some way affected by cancer. Today, costs have become so astronomical that a growing number of patients can’t afford their co-pay. In fact, Continue reading →

The Truth About the DXA Scans


* See attribution below

Have you been wondering if you need DXA scan?

The DXA scan (dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, previously known as DEXA) measures bone mineral density and has been touted for years as the “gold standard” that can accurately predict your risk for developing fractures and breaking bones.

Most middle-aged or older women are told they should have one every 2 years. Men with conditions associated with bone loss are also tested.

As much as the medical profession Continue reading →

Death From Caffeine Overdose?


Who would have thought that caffeine can kill?

Unfortunately, it can, as relatives of 18-year-old Ohio high school senior, Logan Stiner, have discovered. Stiner died in May, 2014, after ingesting enough caffeine powder with his lunch to cause an irregular heartbeat and seizures.

When it comes to caffeine powder, it doesn’t take much: 1/16 a teaspoon of power has the caffeine equivalent of one can of Mountain Dew or a high-power energy drink. In reality, it is very hard to measure out 1/16 teaspoon. Kitchen measuring spoons don’t come that small. One teaspoon of the powder is equivalent to 25 cups of coffee and in many cases, that is a lethal dose.

No one knows Continue reading →

Splenda is Not So Splendid After All


It seems that every news site I go to these days has an ad, article, recipes or tips for new ways to use Splenda [SPLENDA®]. For quite some time it has been touted as the best thing since sliced bread – and a safe and healthy alternative to aspertame (recently found to cause brain damage). Its easily-dissolving, versatile qualities have made it the most popular artificial sweetener on the market.

Splenda’s manufacturer, McNeil Nutritionals (a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson), promotes it as the safe sweetener for baking (SPLENDA® Sugar Blend and Brown Sugar Blend for baking) as well as hot and cold drinks, beverages, jams, jellies, puddings and any food that is sweetened. After all, it comes from real sugar so its natural, right?

Not quite. Now, the truth is starting to emerge. Continue reading →

Roundup Far More Toxic Than Previously Known

roundup-toxic Research is finding that Roundup herbicide and its metabolite, AMPA, are far more toxic than manufacturers, regulators and proponents dare to admit.

Flaws in Previous Studies

A new study (published in Chemosphere) has found serious flaws in the classical toxicology model, which primarily tests individual molecules. This outdated model is incapable of accurately estimating the overall or global environmental and health risks of mixtures of agrochemicals like glyphosate and the byproduct it degrades to, called AMPA.

Glyphosate is the main active ingredient in Roundup and dozens of other products used to kill weeds. It’s the most widely used weed killer in the U.S. and has been linked to over 30 adverse health effects.

Far More Harmful Than Previously Believed

It is not only used by farmers on Continue reading →